Mentorship Matters is an intensive year-long mentorship program with a simple goal:

To help place emerging writers of color inside television writers rooms and change the landscape of who gets to tell stories in our industry.

Applications for 2022-2023 will be open soon. Check back for more information.

Who you know

86% of TV writers are White*
The problem is systemic.
*as reported by Darnell Hunt sponsored by Color Of Change

For too long our industry – both on camera and behind the scenes – has served a predominately White demographic.

Even as attention is finally being paid to this issue, writers' rooms are getting smaller, with showrunners turning to their friends and predominantly white colleagues for referrals when hiring their staffs.

Whether we like it or not, success in this business has always had to do with who you know. That’s how the “old boys club” worked – and why it stubbornly survives to this day.  And that is why the majority of White-led writers rooms still have no writers of color.

We are here to change that sh*#t.  From the inside.

We are a group of committed television showrunners
with Series on air and/or in development at:
Logos for HBO, NBC, Netflix, Apple TV, Showtime, Amazon, HBOMAX, FOX, Freeform, Peacock, CBS

We are volunteering to leverage our connections to advocate for and help create real opportunities for undiscovered writers of color.

Your voice

We are seeking talented, hardworking, ambitious writers of color who are ready to staff on a series.  Selected Mentees will be paired with a Showrunner Mentor for one year.

  • We will help you develop and polish an original writing sample.
  • We will introduce you to agents, managers, executives and fellow showrunners.
  • We will advise you on how to take these meetings and what to expect from them.
  • Though we cannot guarantee anyone employment, we will support you creatively, professionally and do everything in our power to get you writers room ready by the end of the year.

Required Materials

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Apply Now

Letter of Interest:

1 page, double spaced, 12pt font

Brief background, including:
  • Where are you from?  How does your background influence your writing?
  • How long have you been writing?
  • What kinds of stories are you most interested in telling?
  • Do you have a favorite genre – or a specific strength as a writer?
  • What steps have you taken/are you taking now to pursue a career in television?
  • What existing shows could you see yourself writing for?
  • How do you think your unique voice/perspective will contribute to a Writers Room?


Relevant education and work experience.

Writing Sample

Original comedy or drama pilot.

Video Introduction

1 Minute (file size < 1GB)
  • What do you want us to know about you?
  • What do you hope to get out of the Program?
APPly Now


1. Who is eligible for the Program?

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Participants will be emerging writers of color over 18, with at least one original pilot sample, who are not WGA members and are not currently, and have never been, staffed on a scripted series. Applicants can reside anywhere in the US but must be willing to move to Los Angeles if offered a paid position in a Writers Room.

If you live in another country, you are eligible if you have a current valid work visa and can move to Los Angeles immediately if a job is offered.

Writing teams may apply and should fill out one application together.

2. What are the main elements of the Program?

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Over the course of one year, Mentors and Mentees will meet or talk at least once a month.  Mentors will provide advice, support, accountability and help prepare Mentees for the challenges of a career in television. Additionally, Mentors will guide Mentees in developing and polishing one original pilot with a calendar of steps clearly outlined:

• Mentor will hear/read pitch concept(s) and give general advice on one idea
• Mentor will provide Mentee with pilot outline and script samples if needed
• Mentor will read pilot outline and give notes
• Mentor will read first draft and give notes
• Mentor will give final set of polish notes

Mentors are committed to making introductions and fostering connections with other writers, agents, managers and executives.  The goal is to help Mentees build genuine, rewarding, professional relationships and collaborations that will continue beyond the program and ultimately lead to a career in television.

3. How will Mentors and Mentees be matched?

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Our Program Director and a panel of working television writers will pair you with a Mentor they feel is best suited to your writing goals.  We will be taking into account your tone, style, whether you write drama or comedy, and what kinds of networks or streaming platforms your material reflects.

4. Who will own the script I develop with my Mentor?

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You will own your own material.  Your Mentor will simply be guiding you through the development process, providing notes and feedback.

5. Am I guaranteed a job upon completion of the Program?

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We cannot promise anyone a job upon completion of the Program.  What we can promise is direct access to allies in our industry who are committed to helping you succeed.  Like everything in life, this opportunity is what you make of it.  But it’s our hope that your hard work and the relationships you build within this program will lead to a successful career in television.

6. Do I have to live in Los Angeles in order to work in a Writers Room?

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While some Writers' Rooms are still over Zoom, which means you can live anywhere you like, however, it can be hard to secure representation without a meaningful commitment to live in Los Angeles and be available for meetings and interviews.  We strongly recommend applicants be willing to move to Los Angeles should a job arise.

7. When does the Program start?  

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The Mentorship Matters Program launches in late 2022.